Many people do not know what the future brings. And neither do we. But all have dreams, hopes and would like to do things that may be hard to achieve. This is why people watch movies, read books and in this modern day play games. 

We build the environment for people to realize the dreams they may never do, or even want to do in real life. By creating a platform where people are free to play the role they want to, and in the way they want to. Our first project, which is currently in development, is a modern day based multiplayer game. Instead of players being solitary following a pre-written story, we provide the base for people to create their own. In this enviromment they will have full freedom to reach for goals that in real life would be either impossible or in their own future. Becoming a businessman, fireman, law enforcement officer or reaching the top in crime. It is not our fantasy that sets the limits it is that of the players.

Out team is working on the platform and as we know the market we are sure to be able to create a product that will responds to the players wishes. The knowledge of the market and the target audience makes it easy for companies to decide on investing in the product, and we offer a wide range of opportunities for this.

 While aiming at out Hand of Law game, we have decided to make some small steps, allowing to refine our technology and platform from active and working games. (Azellus) Star Soccer is the first of the releases, and can be considered a tech demo of our Hand of Law platform, with limited space and features. Yet it will be a full multiplayer game on its own. check our current projects.